Usually the name propolis is associated with bees. However, perhaps not all of you know that propolis is a resinous substance of plant origin that bees collect from plants and process them inside the hive. Depending on the type of plant, the color and composition of the propolis changes. In addition to resin and balms, the ingredients of propolis are essential oils, wax, pollen, flavonoids, minerals and B vitamins. It is therefore a blend with numerous healing properties.

Propolis has been a widely used natural remedy since ancient times. The priests of Ancient Egypt used this precious substance to mummify the remains of the pharaohs, while doctors used it to treat infections of the skin , of the apparatus respiratory and as healing and wound disinfectant . The women of royal lineage, on the other hand, mixed it with milk to obtain beauty lotions . Even the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and even the Incas knew of its extraordinary properties. For the latter, for example, it was a valid remedy for infections that caused fever .

Its history therefore passes through the centuries to reach us as a very powerful natural drug. Among its properties stand out the action antibacterial and anti-inflammatory , healing and emollient .

Propolis is frequently used for the most common properties such as:

  • Propolis has a antimicrobial action and antifungal and for this reason it is considered a powerful natural antibiotic . Use it in the form of a spray or candy to treat coughs and sore throats, or topically against infections such as herpes and Candida.
  • In the form of ointment, propolis has a healing property , it helps heal cuts and small wounds. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action it also reduces pain and swelling.

  • It is also known in the cosmetic world thanks to its emollient , antioxidant properties , balancing , purifying : can be used both in the composition of moisturizing and soothing creams , that of cocoa butter. Since it is a natural product with few contraindications, unless you are allergic, propolis can also be used on children. Instead, it is better to avoid its use in pregnant women, although possible side effects are still being studied.

  • Thanks to the presence of flavonoids and phenols, propolis has a positive effect on circulation and helps those suffering from capillary fragility . Moreover, due to its antioxidant properties, it is well suited as ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams for face and hands.

  • It is known for its purifying action on the skin and therefore is included in products to cleanse skin with excess sebum; it is very suitable in case of acne and impure skin .
  • Propolis has a high power cleansing and antiseptic and care without attack the skin and without weakening the hair because it eliminates the greasiness of the leather, the germs, the flaking, the dust, the fumes and the dandruff and removes it with the simple water of the rinse. Propolis respects the normal hydrolipidic and acid balance of the skin and makes the hair perfectly clean, healthier and shinier. The action on the hair bulb is revitalizing. You can also use pure propolis, to be massaged directly on the skin or to be included in the shampoo used.

Discover the numerous benefits of Propolis from skin to hair, from cleansing to healing.

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